POSB Passion Run for Kids 2017

POSB Passion Run for Kids at 10 Sep ,2017

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Yoga Session 2017

Yoga Class at 9 May ,2017

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Cosmic Bowling Night

Cosmic Bowling Night at 23 April ,2017

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2016 Health Talk

Health Talk at 19 Nov ,2016

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2016 POSB Passion Run & Post-Run Celebration

2016 POSB Passion Run at 4th Sep,2016. Post-Run Celebration at 9th Sep,2016

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Team Building At ECP

Team Building at 27th Aug,2016

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Business English Course

Business English Course at 18th June,2016

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Zumba Classes

Zumba Classes at 17th May,2016 - 14th June,2016

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NGAI HENG Employment Handbook 2016 Rollout Workshop

Workshop on sharing knowledge of Employment Handbook 2016 Rollout at 26th March,2016.

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Workshop on Stress Management - Stop Worrying and Start Living

There was a Saturday Workshop : Stress Management on 5th December,2015.
Speaker : Tan Teck Beng, CPA

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There was Workshop on EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE at 21st October,2015.
Speaker : Edgar Tham

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Nutrition Talk - Loose to Win

There was Nutrition Talk Topic Loose to Win as LUNCH TALK on 7th October,2015.
Speaker : Mdm Teo Kiok Seng

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Nutrition Talk with Demonstration

There was Nutrition Talk Topic 2+2 Fruits & Vegetables as SAT Workshop on 26th September,2015.
Speaker : Mdm Teo Kiok Seng

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2 hrs Trekking Event

There was 2 hrs Trekking from Art Science Museum to Sports Hub via Gardens by the Bay on 29th August,2015.

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Celebrating SG50 Together

It was a delightful afternoon enjoying movie "To the Fore" and lunch together in celebration of Golden Jubilee in Singapore .

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Breakfast Talk on Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Nowadays, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is widely practised by sales professionals, coaches and many others to improve relationship, build confidence and ultimately attain personal success.
Speaker : Tan Teck Beng, CPA

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Health Lunch Talk

There was Health Lunch Talk on 18th and 25th June,2015. It is Knowledge Sharing Session for Simple Steps to avoid back and neck pain at work.
Speaker : Micheal Yan

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Workshop on Managing Diversities

This is an interactive workshop that requires participants to use a behavioural discovery tool to profile and understand the impact of their communications and behaviours at work and how this will affect their role in working with their team members and peers.

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Business Appropriate Email Workshop

An interesting workshop about Business Appropriate Email

Trainer : Felix Tan of Performance Leadership

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POSB Run For Kids 2014

POSB Run For Kids 2014 - A fun and fulfilling time for Ngai Heng's participants

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Future Leaders Summit 2014 Sponsors

Ngai Heng pte ltd did their part for the local business community by becoming sponsors for NTUC's 2014 Future Leader Summit. This is a very prestigious summit that involves successful business leaders such as Charles Wong, CEO of Charles & Keith Group, and Edward Chia, Managing director of Timber Group. These business leaders are invited to the summit to help guide future entrepreneurs on the right path towards success. Ngai Heng is very proud to be involved in such an educational and beneficial event for the community.

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Ngai Heng HR Director On HRM Issue 14.3

In the latest April issue of HRM, Ngai Heng Pte Ltd's HR Director, Ms. Ida Lee did our company proud by having her write up featured on page 55 of the HRM magazine, with an article about employee engagement, "How do you motivate staff without raising their salaries?". Below is the write up done by her

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Career @ Singapore Enterprise Fair 2014

On 21 March 2014, Ngai Heng Pte Ltd participated in Career @ Singapore Enterprise Fair 2014 organised by SPRING Singapore. Our team arrived early in the morning at 7am to do the booth set-up and help with the distribution of flyers, creating awareness about the job opportunities available at our company. All in all, it was a fruitful event with many interested job applicants applying for the jobs available.

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Company Tour 2014 – Jakarta

On 22 February 2014, over 30 employees from Ngai Heng Pte Ltd were rewarded with a 2D1N tour to Jakarta. The trip was a great success as it helped create bonding between colleagues and allowed for everyone to relax and recharge themselves. All in all, the staff enjoyed their time there tremendously and cannot wait for next year’s company tour!

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Ngai Heng staff participating in talk 2013

On 29 June 2013, Staff from the business development department and business support department participated in a “presentation with influence” talk that was organised by the HR department. This is a huge learning experience for both departments as they participated wholeheartedly throughout the talk. Many of them managed to learn new methods and ideas to approach the customers and bring their message across. It was a successful event and everyone even got a goodie bag to bring home!

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Ngai Heng Pte Ltd. installs first KBA Rapida 105

A five-colour Rapida 105 with coater from Koenig & Bauer (KBA) was installed at Singaporean commercial printer Ngai Heng in early 2013. The success story of the high-performance KBA Rapida press series continues in the Asia Pacific region with this installation.

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